I’m feeling very angry

I’m feeling very angry regarding the increasing volume of litter, which is building up on the river walk at the back of Trehafren. It’s become a real dumping ground and, given the slope down to the river, that is where most of this rubbish will eventually end up.
Might there be some sort of a collaborative project between the RSC and Keep Wales Tidy or even the Council to try and tidy up this eyesore. I realize that a lot of people consider this path to be just a dirt track, but it does constitute the official public footpath for the river walk. 
I created the collage below, to give you some idea of the scale of the problem and the vandalism that goes on regarding the litter bins in that area. Note the burnt out one in Vaynor which has been replaced no end of times.
What do other members think?

Update – 16/04/13
As a follow up to the above, I have today submitted – (under my name and not the RSC) – a report to the County Council regarding the fly-tipping and they will hopefully investigate the matter further. I will keep you informed on any developments.

Litter at Trehafren1