River Diary – April

I thought that I would make an early posting this month, so that any sightings by other members, could be included in this month’s diary.

Goosanders. 3 pairs have been seen between the Halfpenny Bridge and Vaynor, plus a single female who does not appear to have found a mate.
Dippers. The Dippers are still nesting at the Mochdre end of the river, but have not seen the other pair at Vaynor. 3 more sightings of individual birds between Dolerw and Halfpenny Bridges.
Grey Wagtail. Seen at Mochdre, Long Bridge (2 fighting) and at the Halfpenny Bridge (by Joan Davies).
Pied Wagtail. Still gathering around the Post Office car park region and along the adjacent river bank.
Bullfinch. Male spotted in the hedge by the Skate Park and in the bushes at the end of Trehafren.
Chiffchaff. Many seen (and heard) at Trehafren, Dolerw and Penarth.
Mistle Thrush. Seen feeding on Trehafren football field by the Skate Park.
Song Thrush. Singing its heart out in a tree at Mochdre.
Wren. Feeding in the undergrowth at Mochdre and also between Dolerw and Long Bridges.
Great Spotted Woodpecker. Heard along the banks of Dolerw and Trehafren.
Canada Geese. A pair seen by the Post Office car park, but it must have only been a temporary stop.
Swallows and Swifts. Back on the river – at last.

Otters. Although I have not seen these for months, I had a report of a sighting 3 weeks ago, when 2 of them were seen running out of the Regent Centre car park area and across the footpaths and into the river. This was in the evening at approx 8pm.

One thing that I am not seeing are House Sparrows and Tree Sparrows. Has anybody seen these in reasonable numbers?

Please provide any sightings via a comment and I will include them in the post.