Animal hole

Hi, when next you walk along the river path heading towards the Pump House, when you get to the 2 huge stands of , hopefully dead,  Japanese knotweed, drop down on to the ‘beach’ and carry on walking. Not too far along you’ll come across a large animal hole in the bank. Above it, running along side the path, is an animal track. When the river was in flood the poor animal that lives there must have got a bit ‘wet’. What sort of animal do you think?
Badger? fox? are you any good on identifying poos? too large for an otter, I think, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was!

Posted on behalf of Joan Avery

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  1. Russ Edwards says:

    As you already know, I took a look this morning and it appears very much to be a rabbit burrow.
    Too small for badgers or foxes and not really the sort of thing that otters would use.

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