I’m feeling very angry

I’m feeling very angry regarding the increasing volume of litter, which is building up on the river walk at the back of Trehafren. It’s become a real dumping ground and, given the slope down to the river, that is where most of this rubbish will eventually end up.
Might there be some sort of a collaborative project between the RSC and Keep Wales Tidy or even the Council to try and tidy up this eyesore. I realize that a lot of people consider this path to be just a dirt track, but it does constitute the official public footpath for the river walk. 
I created the collage below, to give you some idea of the scale of the problem and the vandalism that goes on regarding the litter bins in that area. Note the burnt out one in Vaynor which has been replaced no end of times.
What do other members think?

Update – 16/04/13
As a follow up to the above, I have today submitted – (under my name and not the RSC) – a report to the County Council regarding the fly-tipping and they will hopefully investigate the matter further. I will keep you informed on any developments.

Litter at Trehafren1

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4 Responses to I’m feeling very angry

  1. Russ Edwards says:

    This is great news and I hope that the police are able to follow this up and press charges, since this would be the most powerful deterent to minimize any further occurrences.

  2. Mike Davies says:

    Dear Custodians,
    I went out yesterday and looked at the river bank where it slopes steeply towards the river behind Trehafren. It was strewn with rubbish, including a sofa which had been chucked down the bank. Andy took some photos. I contacted Sally Beech at Powys County Council and she said that both the police and the Environment Agency are aware of the fly tipping and that the EA were investigating the scene this week, with a view to hiring contractors to remove the rubbish. Sally seemed to think that the police had evidence which might lead to the perpetrators being charged. I asked her to ensure that, if it happened, there would be a lot of publicity around the case, to deter others. She agreed.
    There is a lot of rubbish on the very steep bank, most of which would be totally unsuitable for volunteers to tackle, due to the danger. However, I felt that there was still a lot that could be tackled by people on the path, behind the fence, if they had long litter pickers and a grappling hook. There is more that could be tackled from the bottom of the slope, if the river was very low, and correct safety procedures were followed. I am happy to arrange a litter pick if the RSC are able to give some help, but it would also be important to get at least a few Trehafren residents to join in. Local engagement and interest in the river habitat is the only way that these incidents will be prevented from happening again.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,
    Sue Newham
    Tidy Towns Project Officer for North Powys
    (Based in Newtown)

  3. Sue Newham says:

    I thoroughly agree with you both that this area is a real problem. Let’s meet soon to work out a plan of campaign.

  4. Mike Davies says:

    We’ve been talking about this ever since the RSC was formed and it is definitely on our list and that of Keep Wales Tidy to tackle. We can and will clean it up but what’s needed is some way to stop people dumping this stuff on the river bank. Perhaps we need a campaign to get local residents involved. I’ll talk to Sue of Keep Wales Tidy.

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