Another week of vandalism

Hi folks – this just shows what we are up against, in spite of the fantastic work carried out by the RSC Team last week!  (I’ve included OS map refs where available).


 This supermarket trolley has been dumped at Vaynor in a location favoured by the Otters and where they have been seen feeding, in the past.  (Ref: SO-09357-90952)

The settee has now been pushed into the river at Trehafren. (Ref: SO-09644-91173)
Most of the carrier bags of rubbish which were at the original location have been thrown down the bank, with some of them ending up in the river.

The pile of tins were created and left by 3 youths fishing at Trehafren last weekend. There were more tins than this, but most of them have been kicked into the river.

This tent was pitched in Vaynor playing field when we went to clear the Giant Hogweed. My best bet is that it will probably end up in the river.

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One Response to Another week of vandalism

  1. Mike Davies says:

    Isn’t this depressing? How do we get to people who think that it’s fun to chuck in the river? Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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