Invasive species clearance

With the river being very low, I took a hoe with me at the weekend and attempted to eradicate as much Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed as I could find, between the Halfpenny Bridge and the end of Trehafren.
By standing on the exposed ‘beaches’, I was able to get at some very large Hogweeds that would have been difficult to reach from on the bank itself and in all I managed to remove about 25/30 plants of varying sizes and 2 small clumps of Knotweed as well.
It’s surprising how plants can be missed when they are in the undergrowth on the very edge of the river bank.
Encouragingly, I came across a lady from Trehafren – (not our new member) – who had done a little bit of litter picking and perhaps she can inspire more people to do the same.
I also managed to pull a chunk of iron out of the river which looked like the support from one of the Council bins.
Disappointingly however, the Hogweed is still infesting the Mochdre Brook area and we will need to have another go at it, after the Carnival event is out of the way and before the river starts to fill up again.

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