River clean up at Trehafren

Since the planned cleanup at the Halfpenny Bridge had been postponed, I decided to tackle the rubbish in the river at Trehafren and managed to retrieve a burnt out litter bin, child’s buggy and a large settee cushion from the river, as shown in the photos below.

Trehafren-Litter-2 Trehafren-Litter-1

Annoyingly, at the spot where the buggy was found, there were numerous tin cans and other rubbish littering the river bed and I have had to leave them there for the time being.
Thanks to Sue Newham, who is arranging for the Council to remove this rubbish before it once again ends up in the river!

On the plus side however, I did meet a lady from Trehafren who was interested in helping with litter picking in the area and I will be contacting her again to persue this. Perhaps she could be helpful in finding other people in the Trehafren area who would like to join the RSC.

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