RSC at the Carnival

I shot this short video, to give those members who could not attend the Carnival, an idea of how our display looked on the day.
Peter, John & Kath, Joan Avery and myself soon had the gazebo erected and were joined by Joan Davies, Sue, Lisa and Sally soon after.
Inside the tent we had a Red Signal Crayfish on display, which created a lot of interest and static displays of information relating to the invasive species such as the Signal Crayfish, Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed.
2 TV displays were running continuously, showing David Pugh’s DVD of the river over the past 11 months and my own videos of the Kingfishers and Otters.
Outside the tent there were display boards and leaflets provided by Lisa Barlow from the Severn Rivers Trust and also a tray containing an assortment of local river insects, which were provided by Sue Newham and Lisa.
Joan and the team – (now joined by Liz and Martin) – worked very hard at getting people to sign up as members.
I talked with a couple of them who appeared to be willing to join in with the physical aspect of our work, such as river clean-ups and Hogweed clearance.
The flyers proved very useful for directing people to our website and I estimate that we handed out about 60-80 in all.
The real star of the show was the weather – we could not have asked for anything better!

In summary, I think that we achieved a great deal through this event.
It has made the RSC more visible to the people of Newtown and thus more appreciative of the work that we carry out.
Quite a number of people referred to the ‘River Clean-up’ article in the County Times, but admitted that they didn’t know anything about the RSC or the nature of the work that we carry out.
If the people that we have signed up will spread the word of our existence to their friends, then who knows where that might lead.