Unbelievable – what makes them do it?

I really don’t understand what makes them do it.
This morning I took a walk up the Trehafren path, looking for some Giant Hogweed that had been reported to us.
Lying in the long grass at the edge of the path, I spotted the seat of a bamboo chair which looked rather familiar. Walking on a little further, I came accross a Supermarket Trolley and quickly realized that these were the items that I had pulled out of the river on the 4th of this month and both had been left by the rubbish bin for collection. (See earlier post).
The trolley has now been thrown down a steep bank into thick undergrowth and will remain an eyesore for many months to come.
On my walk back home, I saw 2 Council workers loading their lorry with a large mattress and a settee, which had both been fly-tipped on Trehafren field.

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  1. Jane Lucas says:

    Yes, I saw the mattresses (there were 2 of them) and reported it to the Council. Very pleased they picked them up so quickly. Where do these things come from? Why do it?

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