Vaynor G.Hogweed Update

It is 2 weeks since I was last in the Vaynor area and at that time I noticed that there were signs of new G.Hogweed growth appearing, in spite of our efforts to clear it in May.
Today I took another look at the site, expecting to find a lot of pretty large plants, but to my amazement, it was not the case.
Admittedly, there is a lot of G.Hogweed present, but most of the plants that I saw are very spindly and weak looking. This makes me wonder if they are re-growth from last years clearance efforts, which have been weakened by being cut down before setting seeds.
If this is the case, then it is encouraging to think that over a period of time we might stand a chance of controlling this pest in our area.
In the meantime, we need to organise another clearance session, while the river is low and before they start setting seed.

Weakened G.Hogweed

Weakened G.Hogweed

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  1. Mike Davies says:

    We visited Vaynor again today and the Giant Hogweed is growing well, some is very close to flowering. It’s definitely timely that we tackle it again soon and we have a team going there on July 6th for another attack. Feel free to join us. We also noted that Japanese Knotweed is starting to take a hold in this area. We’ll report that to the Environment Agency for them to deal with it.

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