Black Poplar tree

Black Poplar

Black Poplar

Paul Mounsey recently asked me whether the Black Poplar tree in Gravel car park was protected by a tree preservation order (TPO).  It is not.

The tree in question is an ancient Black Poplar, located at British national grid coordinates of the tree: SO 11067 91537.  This tree, apart from being extremely rare (we understand that the nearest other specimen is in Somerset) and very old, is iconic in Newtown since it was ‘moved’ from one bank of the River Severn to the other when the river was moved for flood defence purposes.  Some years ago a large part of the tree was removed apparently without much, if any, consultation and we should like to ensure that any future work is carefully considered.  The tree is currently being crowded with elder trees and choked with ivy so presumably some work is likely in the near future.

On behalf of the River Severn Custodians I requested that a TPO be issued.

Since posting the above, the Planning Clerk of PCC came back to me to correct the information previously given.   This Black Poplar Tree has got a Tree Preservation Order on it, T P O number 113, it was given the order on the 7/12/2011,  so all’s well with the world.

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  1. Mike Davies says:

    We contacted the Highway Authority to report the growth of alder saplings and ivy around this tree. We volunteered to deal with this but needed their permission to do so. We now see that someone, presumably the Highway Authority, has dealt with this and the tree is once again in pristine condition. Oops, sorry, I meant elder not alder.

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