More Giant Hogweed

As the result of Mike receiving an email notification of Giant Hogweed in the Vaynor area, I took a walk from the Halfpenny Bridge to Vaynor, in search of any offending plants.
I managed to find 3 x 7ft high specimens and 8 smaller plants, which I managed to dispose of.
You can see from the photo that the large specimen Hogweed at Vaynor, was accompanied by some Japanese Knotweed, which I had to cut down in order to get at it.
As I commented in an earlier post, the Hogweed at Vaynor wood appears to be under control with very little re-occurrence of the weed after our clearance work there earlier this year.
This is a battle that we will never win, but at least we are maintaining a safe river bank for people to enjoy and this is what the RSC’s work is all about.

Giant Hogweed & Japanese Knotweed.

Giant Hogweed & Japanese Knotweed.

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  1. Mike Davies says:

    Good job Russ and great photo. I think we’ll use that one at the Food Festival event. Especially since it shows two of the nasty invasives together.

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