Penygloddfa School

I recently had a meeting with staff at the Penygloddfa school in Newtown to discuss possible involvement of the pupils in the activities of the River Severn Custodians.  Unfortunately as it was almost the end of the school term it was not possible to talk to the pupils but I will be talking to the whole school when they return in early September.  They did, however, prepare some posters that we intend to use at the Food Festival.  The one below was, I believe, prepared by one of the staff but we do also have a selection of ones made by the children.  Hopefully, we can get the children interested and involved with the river and the Custodians.

Penygloddfa poster sm

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  1. Russ Edwards says:

    Nice to see this project taking off, as we have been talking about it for quite some time. Hopefully, other Newtown schools will want to get involved as well.
    Good work Mike and I would like to offer any support that I might be able to give.

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