Eels and Kingfisher

This is posted on behalf of Pete Thomas, our resident fish man.

A few weeks ago my wife pointed out an eel down stream of Long Bridge, it was close to a metre long ! Later on in the evening on our way back, we spotted two eels about 500 mm in length and feeding under the rocks while making their way up-stream. An amazing fish with an even more amazing life story.

Yesterday on my daily early morning walk I spotted a kingfisher flitting up and down the river opposite the Regent Centre, having not seen one for some time.

Finally, I notice there are some items in the river i.e. large and small toy trucks, bicycle etc. Are we able to have a couple of hours to pull them out if I pinpoint them?

Note from Mike: I’ll talk to Sue of Keep Wales Tidy to see if she wants to organise a river clean up.

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  1. Russ Edwards says:

    Great post Pete – it’s nice to hear of different aspects of river wildlife, such as this. Please keep the posts coming, as I for one will look forward to seeing more of them. Well done.

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