Parson’s Bridge

There used to be a footbridge (near the ford) leading from the Gro on the right bank of the river to Llanllwchaiarn Church on the left bank.  It was washed away on a number of occasions during flooding, most recently in 1946, see photo.  There is some interest in re-building this bridge as a foot/cycle bridge which would make access across the river easier for the people of Llanllwchaiarn and also provide some interesting circular paths, being developed by Walking Newtown, which would avoid the busy road bridges in the town.  With the current flood defences such a bridge should not be prone to flood water in future.

Your views would be welcome together with any information you may have on the history or use of this bridge, or on access on both sides of the river at the former site of this bridge.

Parsons Bridge sm

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