Otters & Mink…

On Wednesday afternoon, I was passing St. Mary’s Church and met a lady who had just video’d an Otter on her mobile phone. It was clearly a dog Otter swimming up river towards the Long Bridge.
A fortnight ago, I heard of 3 separate daily sightings of the bitch and 2 pups, swimming around the Trehafren area at 7.30 am each day. They actually left the water and ran along the river banks at one point.
I believe that the dog Otter has travelled downstream from the Mochdre Brook area and the bitch and pups have travelled upstream from the Penarth Weir area, so their paths must have crossed.
It is probably 18 months since the bitch and pups were first reported in the area around Abermule and it’s probably time for them to leave her and fend for themselves.

This leads me to conclude that perhaps the dog and bitch are possibly starting to check one another out with a view to mating as soon as the cubs have gone, since Otters do not have a fixed breeding season.
Let’s hope that we continue to see a lot more of this delightful creature on our river.

On Tuesday of this week, I happened to be talking to some fishermen, when a Mink swam across the river, right in front of us. They told me that they are a regular occurrence along Trehafren and often see them catch and eat Crayfish, but they couldn’t tell if they were the Red Signal variety.
I am monitoring the area to see if I can get some photographic evidence, but nothing to date.

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2 Responses to Otters & Mink…

  1. mick says:

    Saw a mink just upstream from the River Severn and River Vyrnwy meeting point, Very confident and not scared of 3 kayakers and a swimmer,

  2. Ed woodyatt says:

    Saw a mink swimming up river in the river Severn this morning at Worcester.

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