River incident reported

Last week Joan reported that the stream running into the Severn near Canal Rd and Sycamore Drive was a peculiar colour from discharge.  Tonight when Mike and I were walking by there was a strong smell of sewage at the stream.  We decided that with these two incidents it was worth a report to Natural Resources Wales.  So we called the 0800 807060 number from our mobile, and talked with a real human being (after pressing 4 for Wales)!  The answering service got hold of someone in Cardiff who called back quite quickly.  Because of all the gas works in the area, he suggested his first action should probably be to contact Wales and West Utilities and Severn Trent to see if the problem was already known.  They might have gone through another sewage pipe.  After all, they did puncture ours while working in Golwgydre Lane.  If not, someone will be sent out tomorrow to investigate.

We will keep you in touch.  If anyone else smells anything in the meantime, please let us know.

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