Observations of a dog walker!

The goosanders are back, five of them. Assume they are the ‘babies’ from this year.

Well done to the Council as not only do they now empty the bins in Trehafren Park but they clear up the scattered litter, too.

Keep hearing a pweep, pweep, of a Bullfinch(?) but have not seen it. There are two owls around, though, that carry on a nightly conversation. Lots of buzzards, too, and flying quite low.

Litter picking

So much for my hard work litter picking on Wednesday this last week. Today, I could have picked up another bagful to jon the three I already have. Is it because there are not enough bins or are folks that lazy? Sue Newham is putting my name forward to be a Councillor, so I might be able to tackle the problem through that.