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Minutes of AGM 30th March, 2017

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

30th March, 2017
Roseholme, Golwgydre Lane, Newtown

Rex Shayler, Chris Kinsey, Kath Wigley, John Wigley, Pete Thomas, Sue Newham, Richard Rendall, Paula Scott, Mike Davies

Introduction and welcome


Apologies for absence

Peter Harris, Judi Deakin, Lisa Barlow, Sally Rackham, Ruth Bemment, Martin Bemment, Liz Hinkley, Mathilde Mans

Minutes of previous AGM

        The minutes from the 2016 AGM were read and approved.

Presentation of accounts                                                Rex Shayler
The accounts, copy appended, were presented to the meeting.  These show that after agreed purchases of footprint traps, waders and safety glasses, we will have a small surplus. We will need to raise additional sums when the group insurance and web site fees become due.

The accounts were accepted.

Annual report                                      Mike Davies and Paula Scott


Planned activities for 2017

Election of committee

All committee members and officers present agreed to continue in their roles.  Committee members not present will be contacted to see if they are willing to continue. 

Any other business

Peter Harris reported by email that he has been unsuccessful in obtaining corporate funding from the two companies he has so far approached but is now contacting another company which he thinks might be supportive.  Peter is also contacting the Air Cadets to see if they can be involved in some of our activities.

Sue Newham told the meeting about a litter pick event by the All Saints Youth Group on 9th April.  We will have a representative there to discuss the groups’ ongoing involvement.


It has been reported that there have been incidents of dogs being deliberately poisoned by sausages laced with poison being placed along the river bank.  Be on the look-out, especially dog owners amongst us. 

Mike Davies, Secretary
31st March, 2017