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Scientific Survey of the River

RSC has carried out a series of surveys of the river in which teams walk or canoe sections recording the flora, fauna, river flow and features. These surveys have been incorporated into a data base that will help future monitoring of the health of the river and ensuring accessibility for visitors and local people.  

For water quality data on the river, click the link on the left. Click Maps, on the left, to see various features of the river at Newtown.

The activities of the Custodians have been integrated into a film, entitled “A year on the river”, made by local historian, David Pugh.



Some of the group discussing details of the monitoring undertaken on Saturday, 14th April, 2012.  Photo by David Pugh.

Most survey sites have been accessible from the banks but a few sections remained out of reach.   On several occasions we took to canoes, generously supplied and powered by Liz and Tess, to complete the missing sections.  In beautiful weather we have paddled down from Dolerw Park to the Weir pausing for photographs and data collection en route.  There was also the bonus of a fleeting glimpse and a very blurry photograph of an otter swimming in the river.   


Photo – Mike Davies

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